Mathew Lane DJ sets
Deep space & earth grooves

Mathew Lane is an eclectic DJ. The two keywords for his taste would be funky and spacey.
This can go from uplifting party grooves to deeper and darker moods.



At his resident nights at White Cat in Ghent, Mathew Lane builds the party with today's funky spacey records and guides you into a deeper trip in the late hours!

Mathew Lane is also part of 40 Fingers Cartel, together with Liquid Brother, Eskill and Miclem. Each provide a monthly set for the 40 Fingers Cartel radioshow, aired every tuesday night on Ghent based radio station
In these sets, Mathew Lane likes to take you on a journey of deep space & earth grooves, travelling between darkness and light, often blending tracks for minutes to create new atmospheres, exploring the mysterious, moody and melancholic